What is ‘The Reward Concierge’?

Our mission is to provide inspiration and advice to people in a way that enables them to get the best value from their travel arrangements.

What kind of advice?

1. Flight & Hotel Booking

Using a range of publicly available and subscription-only tools, we can help you to find the best price for the flights and hotels you want to book – both when you ask, and on a monitoring basis to watch out for fare sales & promotions. These tools are combined with experience in most major global destinations and knowledge of the travel industries’ operating practices. Some examples:

  • If you want to go to Dubai, it’s often cheaper to fly into Abu Dhabi then take an inexpensive 45-minute taxi up to Dubai.

  • If you want to fly from Singapore to Australia, there is a great low-cost airline called Scoot (a reliable subsidiary of Singapore Airlines), which doesn’t show up on most price search engines.

2. Using Your Miles

Many people have a lot of hotel & airline miles and either don’t know how to use them or don’t know how to get the most value out of them – we have redeemed over a million hotel points and airmiles and can use this experience to help you get the most from yours. Some examples:

  • If you’re booking using BA points for a return within Europe, it’s almost always cheaper to book two one-ways than a return.
  • BA points can be used for great value redemptions in the US and Japan – most internal flights cost £5 – £10 in taxes and charges.

3. General Travel

Having taken over 300 flights and flown more than 250,000 miles, and spent more than 200 nights in hotels in the last 3 years alone, we can advise on pretty much anything to do with ‘the travel experience’ – from the moment you leave your home or office, until you reach your final destination. Some examples:

  • Certain variations of the BA 787 are “hell on earth” in Economy and should be avoided like the plague.

  • The BA Club Lounges don’t have champagne on display – but if you ask for it a glass or two will appear.

4. Service Recovery

When things go wrong, it can be difficult to understand what your best course of action is; what to do, who to complain to, what you should or shouldn’t expect in terms of service recovery from the airline or hotel. From lost bags to cancelled flights, we can help you understand what your options are. Some examples:

There is a lot of case law regarding what is and isn’t eligible for EU261, and you can use this to have effective conversations with the airline.

  • If your bag goes missing, depending on the airline, you can save hours of time and frustration by tracking it online.
  • There is a lot of case law regarding what is and isn’t eligible for EU261, and you can use this to have effective conversations with the airline.

5. ‘Black Belt’ Travel

Not for the faint-hearted or the risk adverse, but if you have a love of travel and are prepared to tolerate some extra hassle, there are ways to even further maximise your return on travel investment.

  • Starting your journey from another country can save you £1,000’s – e.g. Dublin-London-New York is invariably cheaper than London-New York.

  • Booking a hotel purely to hit a promotion (‘Mattress Running’) can pay itself back many times over.

How does it work?

Simply send an e-mail to advice@therewardconcierge.com and we’ll get in touch to understand how we can help.

Sounds expensive…?

All the advice we provide is free. If you like what you hear and want to give something back, you can book your travel through our affiliate partners and we earn a small commission – this will not cost you anything extra.

How do I find out more?
Simply browse the ‘inspire’, ‘advise’ and ‘book’ sections of the website, or get in touch!