Where have the last 5 years of flying taken me?

I have spent a lot of time in the air over the last 5 years, and like any true aviation nerd have tracked every flight. Don’t ask why, but I was delving into my flight history earlier in the week and thought it might be interesting to share some of what I’ve found. Before I do, a quick note on exactly what I keep track of for each flight:

  • Date
  • Origin Airport
  • Destination Airport
  • Distance (in miles…)
  • Cabin (Domestic, Econ, Premium, Business, First)
  • Airline

I briefly toyed with the idea of adding aircraft type and seat, along with some kind of ‘rating’ for what I thought of the seat, service, etc. but felt that was probably taking an already-questionable hobby too far!

Overall Numbers

Over the last five years, I have flown a total of 397,231 miles as a result of taking 318 flights. At 240,000 miles from the Earth to the Moon, that’s not too far off being able to take me to the Moon and back. In terms of split over the years, it looks a bit like this:


2015 was a very busy year, thanks to being co-located between London, Edinburgh and Sydney. 2017 is YTD flights taken, and will push over 100,000 miles and 40 sectors by the time the year ends.

Most Visited Airports

If I amalgamated the London airports into one, they would clearly be at the top of the list having been my base for most of the last 5 years. Instead, Edinburgh takes the number one spot thanks to several years of weekly trips with work. The overall list is:


Sydney is understandably high up the list having been my new home since February 2016, and Hong Kong and Singapore do well as primary stop-off points between the UK and Australia. Dublin has been a starting point for a number of long-haul trips (thanks to the €, low taxes and competitive fares) and Geneva shows up in the top 10 thanks to skiing as a hobby.

There are a few airports where I’ve flown into them more or less times than I’ve flown out of them, primarily because of a ground sector between two airports. For example, in Easter 2015 I flew into Abu Dhabi, took a taxi to Dubai, and flew out of Dubai.

Most Flown Airlines

Those 318 flights were spread across 25 different airlines. The top 10, with the number of sectors in brackets, are:

  1. British Airways (214)
  2. Virgin Atlantic Little Red (28)
  3. Qantas (14)
  4. Jetstar (8)
  5. EasyJet (7)
  6. Qatar Airways (7)
  7. Virgin Australia (5)
  8. Cathay Pacific (4)
  9. American Airlines (3)
  10. Singapore Airlines (3)

With 67% of my flights taken on British Airways, I have a fairly ‘long tail’ of airlines that I’ve only flown once or twice, including Air Berlin, Air Canada, Austrian, Dragonair, Sri Lankan and Tigerair.

Most Flown Cabins

Based on the amount of moaning I do about flying Economy, I was expecting to see a massive skew towards that cabin, and indeed that is the case when you look at number of sectors with 81% of flights being in either Domestic or Economy.

However, when you look at total miles flown and ‘time in the air’, just shy of 50% of all the miles I’ve flown have been in either Business or First.


Whilst I’d love for all my flights to be in Business or First, the reality is that it’s difficult to justify on short routes and / or isn’t possible on routes which only have a ‘Domestic’ option.

I’m looking forward to hitting 500,000 miles in the next 12 months, and then onwards to joining the ‘million mile club’!